Monday, February 2, 2009

still kickin'

I'm alive and still kicking. My long downswing/breakeven stretch might finally be over. After breaking even for two months and paying taxes (yay govt) I decided early last month to gring 16 tables of NL400 for the month to work on my game, get my confidence back, and improve the chances of booking a good month.

I think I accomplished all of the aforementioned goals as I had a 5 figure january, feel better about my game, and feel more confident when playing. I'm thinking about getting some coaching for my NL1000 6 max game because I think I have some leaks I need to plug there, and I've contacted DJ Sensei about it but we've both been traveling and haven't worked anything out yet.

in other news Duke basketball is looking real solid this year. I like our chances in the ACC reg season and tourney. I can't wait until we get another shot at Wake, and I think we match up fairly well against UNC. If we can get through the ACC reg season with only 3 losses I think we will at least tie for first place in the conference. So we shall see.

that's all for now, just wanted to post to see if anyone still read this thing, and to let folks know that I'm alive and not broke (or close to it).



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