Thursday, February 26, 2009

big game, big win

after that tough and important win against Wake it was crucial that we came out and held serve in the conference. We proved that the win against Wake wasn't a fluke, we are a solid team, and making the switch to Elliot Williams really was the right move. Maryland proved that Neal is a punk who uses his chance to set a hard screen as an opporunity to take a cheap shot. And then Henderson proved once again that he is the best player in the conference.

The only bad thing is that Henderson has been so good for the last two months that every game it becomes less and less likely that he stays for a fourth year. That is a shame because I'd love to watch and root for him for another year, but his draft stock is so high right now it is hard to imagine why he would come back. Conceivably next year he could win national player of the year and move up to a top 5 pick, but the money difference between going top 12 and top 5 I don't think is as significant in the NBA as it is in the NFL or MLB (I could be wrong about this). I'm pretty sure that there is a rookie salary cap in the NBA that keeps teams from just blowing ridiculous wads of cash at top 5 picks.

So here's to hoping he sticks around, but I think it probably isn't likely. also thanks to Clemson and FSU for losing and leaving us alone in second place in the conference. If we can pull off two more huge wins against Tech and FSU, which will both be very tough games, then we have a chance to beat UNC and tie or win the regular season title in the ACC. I think two more conference wins and a decent showing the ACC tourney might lock up a 2 seed for us as well. If we win out and win the ACC tourney we'll get a 1 seed obviously, but I seriously doubt we'll be able to pull it off. I'm just hoping we make the second weekend and end up in Boston so I'll be able to cheer my boys live in the NCAA tourney. I've never been able to see Duke in an NCAA tourney game so it would be awesome if it worked out that way this year.

Poker has been a little meh the last couple of days. I've had small wins which are nice, but a little frustrating after you finish a 3,800 hand session to only be up about $500. But I can't complain. Winning is always better than losing.

Yesterday I biked for 40 minutes after lifting, and then did some max out reps on the nautilus chest press machine. I thought the bike was really going to hit my legs hard, but after the initial pain wore off I didn't feel anything last night or this morning. So my idea to try and get my legs in shape by going all Lance Armstrong like may not work out. I absolutely hate lifting legs so I just thought blowing up the bike really hard for a long time might be a decent substitute. Guess not. hmmmm. If anyone out there has some good advice for interesting ways to build leg strength that aren't squats (I effing hate squats) please let me know.

good news was despite the fact that I've only been doing pull ups, push ups, dips, some curls, etc all winter I was able to put up as much weight on the chest press as I did last year when I was hitting the gym all winter long. Not to say that is significant weight (lol I'm not big) but it does affirm to me that doing a lot of pull ups and push ups really are very good for increasing upper body strength.

I think I might watch the assassination of Jesse James tonight. either that or boondock saints. I've been meaning to watch both of these movies forever and just haven't gotten around to it. I'm in a good mood after that great win so a movie seems like fun.

I'll let people know which I watch, and if either is good.



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