Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I blame Feist and Apple

Why is it that every company in their national ad campaigns now just has to have some tinny voiced folky pick-me up pop song behind a bunch of feel good images? Is this the only way to make a television advertisement? I mean haven't we worn this formula out? I just saw an advertisement by Lays talking about how wholesome their chips are with some folky love song in the background. lol, Lays...

I'm assume the impetus behind this trend is the companies' belief that they, by choosing music that would often be associated with indy artists, are successfully marketing their products as independent of the common ills of their industry or peers. Plus there is the added benefit of the songs being non-offensive so that they can appeal to diverse groups of consumers. Of course now that all of these companies have chosen this recipe they've worn away the cache of uniqueness that was originally associated with it.

anyway I'm sick of this trend.


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