Wednesday, February 4, 2009

if I had a weaker stomach I would be puking right now

this is the worst performance I've ever seen from our team. Henderson is the only player who's having a marginally good game. Coach K looks like he wants to pull a Bob Knight. And not that it has been unfair (because it hasn't) but the ACC officials are terrible. They are terrible in almost every game, and for almost every team. That doesn't mean that I think we would be winning if we had different refs (because we wouldn't) but it does make it painful to watch as a fan of the game with these officials continue to butcher calls on both sides for 2 hours. They set themselves up to have to call the game poorly by making weird calls or no-calls early in the game. Then they either have to go against their precedent or continue to call the game in a ridiculous way the entire time. Plus there is no consensus among the crew. One official will call a jump ball in .3 of second, another will let them wrestle on the ground for 5 seconds before calling anything. One guy calls touch fouls on the perimeter, the other lets you hip check and shove guys as they go by.

And this true in every ACC game, not just Duke games. I watch a lot of the games and I understand why fans of other teams get upset. The officiating is just flat out bad. When I watch NBA games it is considerably better by comparison. Sure the NBA doesn't call traveling when guys are driving to the basket, and stars get the benefit of the doubt on some close calls, but the basic stuff is called correctly the vast majority of the time. Now it could be that NBA regular season games aren't played as frantically (and thus at times sloppily) as college games. And that could result in a game that cleaner, with less contact, and thus less close to call situations. But regardless it seems to me that I see consistently better officiating the majority of the time. I also think the Big East officials tend to be better, even though they used to allow more physical play (now the ACC refs allow just as much).

anyway enough of this rant. Wish I didn't have to sit through another half an hour of this abomination. I hope the guys on the team are embarassed. Because they should be. Just an absolute joke of a game on their part. If they aren't going to start showing up on the road this is going to be the second of a long string of ACC losses.

(imagine me making fake dry heaving sounds right now)

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