Monday, February 9, 2009

mediocre movie, LOL quote

watching shopgirl with clair danes and steve martin. It's decent. I'm interested because it's late, I've played enough poker for the day, but I can't sleep.

Anyway Danes's character (Mirabelle) is having a conversation with another woman named Lisa(played by Bridgette Wilson-Sampras)about men who try to pick them up at their jobs as clerks at Saks 5th Ave in LA. Lisa is a bleached blonde Baywatch type, and previous scenes and current slow motion cuts are indicating that she is very LA, which is somewhat of the antithesis of Mirabelle. Anyway enough setup, here's the quote:

Lisa Cramer: You want some advice? You never call him. But if he calls you you talk to him, then act like you have another call, keep him on hold for a long time. Like longer than you think is passable.
And break dates. Always break dates. Right around the holidays cause then he's just stuck.
And fellatio. The sooner the better. And A LOT. Act like you love it. After he's addicted, cut him off. That's when you got him.

Mirabelle: Ya, I couldn't do all that.

Lisa Cramer: How come?

Mirabelle: I'm from Vermont.

nice. score one for sincere folk from vermont.

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