Monday, February 9, 2009

good stuff

1. I make great coffee and enjoying a cup right after waking up at 3pm is nice.

2. I'm up almost 20 buy-ins so far this month, and I just want to thank the poker gods for blessing me with such fortuitous luck and run-goodness. I feel truely blessed and I owe it all to them.

3. Today is laundry day which is not only a cleansing of my clothes, but also of my apartment, and I'd like to think a renewing of the spirit. Having a clean hamper, closet, and floor of the bathroom/closet is like having a blank canvas in the apartment on which you fully experience living your life. I'm not an OCD person when it comes to cleaning, but I find that I think much better, find more peace of mind, and am much more efficient when the apartment is clean. It is just much more motivating to get work done and accomplish things when you look around your apartment and are proud of the space you live in.

4. Duke-UNC is only 48 hours away. After the last couple of games I have some trepidation going into the game. But GO TO HELL CAROLINA! GO TO HELL! anway...

5. I'm eating toasted cinnamon bread with butter. you wish you had some right now, don't you?


found a number six...


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