Tuesday, February 24, 2009


after the last post I started an epic session friday morning where I quickly dropped 4k playing pretty awfully and decided I wasn't going to quit until I made it all back plus some. I ended up grinding out 13,000 hands from about 9am until about 7pm on friday and finally worked myself into the black by about $200.

It may seem silly, but as a professional cash game poker player that is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have. Much more satisfying than a big winning session (although maybe not as euphoric afterwards). The reason the feeling is so strong is because you are playing bad, and running bad, and you get to a point where you either have to quit or grind. To be honest most of the time you are better off quitting. Typically you aren't in the right mindset, you obviously are making mistakes, and you should quit and wait until you are rested and refocused. But sometimes your back is against the proverbial wall and you say to yourself "I'm not quitting until I've pulled myself out of this hole. No matter how long it takes." And when you make that promise to yourself there is nothing more satisfying then when you pull it off. I've had those moments probably 4 or 5 times since going pro about 16 months ago, and I've succeeded about half of the time. Each one of those times it is like taking another step in your confidence in yourself as a player. You can never stop getting better, and the metagame of poker is always changing and advancing, so anytime you can reach a significant goal it is important to note. Staying in the moment is crucial to success in poker, but appreciating the best of those moments is important to quality of life. IMO.

Of course by the time I finished that session I was totally fried as I had not slept in about 32 hours and had played 17,000 hands of poker in that time. So we got some takeout and watched LOST and after a couple glass of wine I promptly passed out in the middle of the episode. I know, I was a thrilling friday night date.

Duke played well on sunday, although I'm still very concerned about our defense. The fact is that we are giving up way to many points against everybody. We can't expect to go out and score +85 every game, and we can't expect Scheyer and Henderson to combine for 65 every game. I also am concerned that we've nearly phased Zoubek and McClure out of the rotation which is fine as long as we can convince teams to not just slow the game down and pound it into the post on us. I will say that without a doubt Coach K thoroughly out-coached Gaudio, and if I was a Wake fan I would be seriously concerned about this guys in game decision-making. I had heard from others that they thought Wake was a horribly coached and prepped team and that they were winning purely by talent, but sunday night was the first time that I had watched a whole game where I saw that unfold.

I really need to get cranking with my prep for the season this year. I've been eating well, and working out 2-4 times a week, but I haven't been throwing enough and I haven't been running at all. I think I'm going to start this week with throwing twice a week and hitting the bike in the gym for about an hour. I think if I put the resistance on high enough I can get a pretty thorough workout.

on other topics I really think more people need to be watching Big Bang Theory. The show is hilarious, never serious, no prolonged plotlines, the guest stars are funny. Meh I've said enough.

I've also been thoroughly enjoying some classic blues. I won't start listing songs or artists since I'm such a newb that anyone who listens to the blues would say "ldo". But I will say that on the recommendation of the Two Jacks in the Hole podcast (you should seriously be listening to this broadcasted live every wednesday night) I'm also really enjoying Daft Punk's Alive album. It is the live album from there 2007 tour, and it is very good. It is great grinding music when I'm playing poker, great driving music, and obviously great party music. I totally agree with the guys on the podcast that it should be played as loud as you can stand it.

well that is about all from my end of the world. I've got 4 days left to grind hard this month and see how it all shakes. If the poker gods continue to bless me as they have so far this month I could have a personal best month. I owe all my luckboxing and run-good to them so I just hope they stay in my corner ;-)

hope everyone is having a good week.


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