Sunday, June 10, 2012

A text I sent summarizing my feelings about this group of celtics:

Hope they find a way to bring them back. Don't care if they aren't good enough to win it all, I just like rooting for those guys.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

brief update

still grinding.  spent a month playing PLO and didn't make any money (broke even after RB and bonuses so not good) and running about 20BI under EV.  But the process helped me reexamine a lot of things I had been doing playing NLHE.  I wouldn't say I've totally retooled my game but I've gotten back to the solid theoretical basics that made me money for years.  I feel I'm doing a much better job of avoiding -EV spots and doing a much better job of exploiting opponents.  Every session I feel that I'm setting myself up for success.  I'm finally in the black for NLHE for the year, but unfortunately I'm still running 41BI under EV for the year meaning I haven't made a ton.  However a freak injury (a future blog post) resulted in me likely having to sit out the year for baseball.  With the extra time on my hands I'm getting back to the grind and putting in the hours.  I think the doomswitch is going to evaporate eventually and I'll get back to crushing.  I know the regs I'm playing have to hate seeing me at the tables right now because I'm on my A game and not giving up a dollar easily.

I'll try to have more updates in the future.  Poker was getting me down for awhile but I'm going to stick with it for the very near future and see if I can get back to scooping up the gold.  And who knows, at some point FTP might get sold and pay out their customers and I'll have my old bankroll back.

hope everyone is well.