Thursday, February 19, 2009

cashout curse is for realz

Was up 60 buy-ins on the month, cash out 5k today and dropped 20 buy-ins back tonight. My non-showdown winnings (hands that I win without flipping up the cards) was breakeven on the night, but hands where I got to SD were basically just all losers. My graph for the night was just a dramatic plunge to the right. Can't complain though as I'm still having a terrific month, and if I could hold onto my hourly for the rest of the month and grind another 40 hours I'd be freaking ecstatic.

don't want to post any hands for the session because (for the most part) very few of them were interesting. Mostly it was just getting in QQ against KK twice in squeeze spots, losing about 4 flips, getting coolered set over set or missing a big draw, and missing a ton of flops. I definitely made some bad calls and some not great bluffs, but really most of the money was lost in fairly standard ways. Of course as well as I've been running this month I can't be surprised that I had one rough day.

I will finish the blog post with an appeal to the holy poker trinity known as The Flop, The Turn, and The River:

I sincerely apologize if I offended the poker gods in anway shape or form. Please accept this offering of the end of my blog post, from a humble midstakes no limit grinder who basks in your awesome luck-boxing or down-swonging powers.


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