Saturday, February 7, 2009

if it wasn't feb I might play 100k hands this month

So far I've played just under 20k, but with only 28 days in the month it seems unlikely that I would end up playing that many before the end of the month. I've never topped 100k hands in a month, and I think it would be somewhat of an accomplishment. That means I'd have to play around 100 hours, which to you non-online grinders doesn't sound like much playing time. But I can guarantee that 100 hours of poker in a month is much much more mentally taxing than the 180 hours or so I would work in a month at most (or my old) 9-5s. It requires much more stamina to grind 12-16 tables at once and have to constantly be making decisions, often that are fairly difficult and require serious analysis and consideration.

but that crap is boring so let's get on to something interesting. How about TV shows that have been good this year. So far Lost has stayed interesting, and the plot has picked up as we've finally stopped developing backstory and jumping in the timeline. They've replaced this with jumping around in time, but they are keeping on a series of plotlines for the main characters. This creates a much more satisfying hour of show because it's all meat and no filler. Granted the show is better for a lot of that back story and jumping around, but now that we are in the 5th(???) season it's time to really pick up the pace of the plot.

The Office has been hilarious as usual, all though I will say that the end to the Dwight-Angela-Andy love triangle was kind of unsatisfying. There is no way it would end that quickly or seem so peaceful days later in real life. But as typical with the office they don't worry about whether or not they wrap up old plotlines in realistic ways or in a reasonable timeline, they just get rid of them when they aren't as funny and move on to something else.

I've also become a huge fan of Big Bang Theory. If you are a nerd, dork, academic, or have a decent since of humor you'll probably love the show. Give it a shot. Most of the episodes can be found online if you scour those weird foreign sites, or you can just try to catch the reruns that they play every once in awhile. It's a monday night show which is nice for me since I typically don't have anything to watch on Mondays.

I've been meaning to watch the new season of scrubs, but I never watched the last season (I need to netflix the dvds) and I didn't want to start until I had finished the final season on NBC.

Also haven't seen any of Friday Night Lights this season, which is dissappointing because I've seen all of the first two seasons and it is maybe the best show on network television. If you aren't watching I highly recommend finding the old episodes and getting into it. The acting, camera work, writing are all extremely good. It's a realistic soap for guys that like sports.

that's all for me. It's late and I'm gonna try to eat and sleep. Wanted to go out tonight but noone seemed interested so I'm sitting the apt bored.


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