Friday, August 31, 2012


probably calling it a night a little shy of the goal.  I just played for probably 6 hours straight with at least 9 tables going at all times.  I would say at best I played my B game, which is disappointing, but the games were great and I ran pretty well so I had a nice session.

finally tally:  4,950 hands +10 buy-ins.  The good news is most of my good running any playing game at the higher of the two stakes I played, so I came pretty close to my goal monetarily.

I definitely made some really really spewy stupid plays that probably cost me +5-6 buy-ins.  Just awful play.  Don't know why but sometimes I just try to take ridiculous lines when I think people aren't repping much and just try to blow them off the pot.  Of course just because they aren't repping much doesn't mean they don't have the nuts a bunch.  Plus I'll do ridiculous stuff like river the 4th nuts, c/r a villain saying to myself if he shoves I have to fold because he's never going to rebluff in this spot and is never going to shove worse, and then I call it off and of course villain has the 2nd nuts.  Sometimes I just need to not try to get max value all of the time, especially considering the stakes I'm playing where players just aren't putting me on enough bluffs and aren't hero-calling often enough.

that was kind of an incoherent bit of rambling, but that's what 6 straight hours of poker will do to your mind.



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