Monday, August 13, 2012

an attempt at daily blogging...expect fail

going to try to blog daily to update on some personal goals.  Hopefully it helps with motivation at the tables.
After killing it for two months at the tables, and being really happy with my game, I've had a very dissappointing start to August.  It started with my Grandmother passing away which resulted in almost a 6 day stretch away from the tables.  Just as I was getting back into the groove of playing I had a planned family vacation that took me out of the action for almost another week.  The result on my game is that I've drifted into some bad habits, started auto-piloting a little bit, and definitely had some tilt creep in to my game.  That being said, every downswing (or extended breakeven stretch) is a chance for self-evaluation and improvement. 

Here are my new rules for sessions for the immediate future:
1.  12 tabling maximum.
2.  Take notes on opponents throughout the session.  Analyze and refer to notes so that I can develop a plan for the hand.
3.  Think about bet-sizing with every decision and have a purpose behind my sizing.  Take notes on opponents reactions to under or over betting.
4.  Leave tables filled with other pro grinders if there is no empty seats.
3.  Do not look at results until end of session.
5.  Spend 1 hour doing post-session analysis accompanied with note taking.
6.  When playing tournaments limit cash games to 6 tables.

Now for the goals related to volume:

- Play an average of 4000 hands/day from now until the end of september. 
- Keep a daily update of progress on this blog to keep myself focused on this goal.

That's it for this post.  Will update later today or tomorrow with the hands I got in today and my results.



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