Friday, August 17, 2012

day 5 quick update

4500 hands today, so still a little behind 4k hands per day pace.  I've played 18700 for the week so I'm 1.3k hands behind the pace I wanted to set.  Hopefully I can get in 5k each day over the weekend and stay on pace.

Heading out to meet some friends for dinner and drinks.  should be fun.  I need the break.  My brain is fried from playing a nearly 7 hour session this afternoon.  Until the last hour I think I was playing really well.  Taking great notes, making great decisions.  Late in the session I think I got a little laggy and flop happy.  I wasn't playing bad, and still made some money, I just definitely left some on the table with my spewy play.

The goals and rules is still playing out very well though.  Feel great about my play and have had consistently excellent results this week.  A lot of that is obviously due to run good (thanks again poker gods), but playing your best and giving it your greatest attention never hurts.

hope everyone has a nice friday night.


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