Tuesday, August 14, 2012

day 2

a review of the day:

First my rules for the session:
1. 12 tabling maximum.
2. Take notes on opponents throughout the session. Analyze and refer to notes so that I can develop a plan for the hand.
3. Think about bet-sizing with every decision and have a purpose behind my sizing. Take notes on opponents reactions to under or over betting.
4. Leave tables filled with other pro grinders if there is no empty seats.
5. Do not look at results until end of session.
6. Spend 1 hour doing post-session analysis accompanied with note taking.
7. When playing tournaments limit cash games to 6 tables.

How I did:
1. Successful until late in the day when I was up to 14 tables for awhile.  bad habits die hard :(
2. Moderately successful.  Session 1 I did a great job.  Session two I took almost no notes.  Early in the session I was rarely getting to showdown in interesting spots, nor was I seeing much related to my opponents ranges.  But by a third of the way into my second session I should have had lots of notes and I had one.  Total fail for session two.
3.  This was great today.  Results weren't as good as yesterday mostly because a lot of my bluffs weren't working out.  But I think I focused and planned my sizing pretty well most of the time and it worked out well.
4.  moderately successful.  Really did this very well session 1.  much less successful session 2 where I drifted into grind mode and didn't take my plan break to reevaluate the tables.  The games were also not as good which makes this disappointing.
5.  FAIL
6. Unsuccessful so far.
7. not relevant today.

Now for the goals related to volume:

- Play an average of 4000 hands/day from now until the end of september.
I played 5350 hands today.  So far I've played 9600 hands over two days.  So slightly above my goal.
- Keep a daily update of progress on this blog to keep myself focused on this goal.

This was an interesting day.  I definitely ran very well in all-in EV, which turned what would have been a small winning day into a pretty decent day.  For that I give thanks to the poker gods.  And I also felt like I played some pretty bad poker at times during both sessions.  It's amazing that I have played millions and millions of hands of hold'em and I still find myself constantly making mistakes.  I guess that's a testament to the strength of my opponents on average, and the fallibility of the human mind.  It's definitely humbling and frustrating, and can sometimes be motivating.

Time to take a break.  Feel like I've been doing nothing but poker all day and need to get out of the house.  Might go out for a beer or something.



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