Friday, August 31, 2012

and now for something completely different

I'm going golfing at about 6:30AM tomorrow (tee time is around 8:10) so I'm going to try something a little different than usual.  I'm going to start a session now, and my goal is to play until I've won 14 buy-ins (allowing for small breaks when needed) or until i go golfing.  Yeah I might pull an all nighter.

I'd like to finish a really good month with a bang, and this could be fun.

I'll try to live blog results as I go.  Probably just total hands and number of buy-ins won.  I'll be working very hard to stick to my rules from the last few weeks.  And I'm hoping that with a strong marathon push I can get close to a 100k hands for he month.  I've set a personal goal of 125k hands for next month, so that would make for a crazy back to back grinding time period for me.

wish me luck.  I'll probably need it.


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