Thursday, August 16, 2012

day 4, running good, need to be playing a little more

Not going to do a full goal by goal breakdown, but I'll cover the big things.  Only played more than 12 tables for a few minutes today, otherwise was almost exclusively 12 tabling.  Took a lot of notes for the vast majority of my two sessions.  Especially my first 3k hand session.  The second 1k hands session I should have taken more, but I was at least taking some.

The new monitor is ridiculous.  It's huge, and I can play 12 tables with no overlap which makes taking notes much easier.  I did time out a few times at tables where I was getting a little used to scanning 27" worth of screen space for the action.

I played about 4.1k hands for the day, but I'm a little behind pace now.  Goal was 4k hands per day average, and through 4 days I'm only at 14,377.  So a 6k hand day tomorrow would get me back on pace.  I think I can do that with an early session and an afternoon/evening session.  I had to quit a little early tonight because I have to wake up early to do a favor for a friend in the morning.

I definitely ran well today which turned what would have been a 6 BI day into a nearly 10 BI day.  All praise be to the poker gods for that stroke of good fortune. 

that's all I've got for now.  I know these blogs aren't really interesting, but they're definitely motivational for me as it keeps me focused and thinking about the game.  I highly recommend anyone else that is struggling to step back, think about what factors could be causing their A game to leak into their B or C game and then make some rules.  Stick to the rules and set playing time/hand goals to keep yourself working. 

If you want to read more about improving tilt I highly recommend Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker.  The sections where he talks about thinking about and improving on tilt are some of the most valuable poker literature available to the competent and frequent player.  And you don't have to be a pro to benefit from it.

hopefully I can get in 6k hands tomorrow.  gl to everybody at the tables.


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