Tuesday, January 26, 2010


so I removed the links from the blogs that haven't updated in over a year. all those guys were friends from chiptalk, and if they start blogging again I'll definitely relink them. but it seemed silly to have links that are being updated in case people clicked on them and got no where.

so now my blog roll is kind of empty. if you have a blog that you would like me to link up reply and I'll take a look. and might add it. and let me know if you decide to link to mine. also I'll keep my eyes out for poker blogs that might be interesting to link up to. I'm also thinking about becoming an affiliate for bluefirepoker since I recently became a member. so I might throw some bluefire adds on my page and some links to Phil Galfond and Dr Giggy's blogs.

booked a nice 1.5k session that had a ton of variance. I think I played well and ran pretty good. might play some PLO before I go to bed.


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