Monday, February 1, 2010

hand reading not the strength of 1/2 PLO players

So ive been playing some 1/2 6max plo on tilt just to mix it up every once in awhile. I still very much don't know what i'm doing, and I'm very bad at folding preflop (42/28/9 style ftw) but I find that I have a pretty large edge in the games just because my experience in NLHe gives me a better understanding of bet sizing and hand reading than most of the regs. for the most part these guys play fairly transparently but I would assume if I play enough they'll realize how loosely and aggro I'm playing and start to play back at me. until then I'll just keep running them over from late position.

my winrate through about 3k hands is something like 19ptbb/100 which is pretty absurd and obviously totally unsustainable. But I wouldn't be surprised if my actually winrate in these games was close to 10ptbb/100. Now I'm sure if I moved up to 2/4 the regs would immediately be much better and I'd probably be breaking even at best. but for now while I'm still mucking around and learning the game I think I'm profitable in these small stakes games.

hoping to have a heavy month of grinding in february since I didn't play as much as I would have liked in January. Just under 60k hands overall and I'd really like to be closer to 100k each month this year.

other than that not much to report. duke was pitiful on saturday and I was really dissappointed in our defense and offensive rebounding. Just not good. I thought we let the officials take us out of the game early on, but it's up to the coaches to get the players to adjust to the way the game is being played and called, and they clearly didn't. Zoubek had by far his worst game of the season, and the plumlees weren't much better. We can't beat good teams with 80% of our big men playing awful.

thats all for now. taking a break and then htiting the NL tables. probably play on stars.


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