Saturday, January 23, 2010

friday night is poker night

just played a session of absolutely horrendous poker. I couldn't hand read, I tilted, I made bad plays, it was just all around stupid. I missed two chances to make huge river bluffs that probably would have won me some stacks too, because I got timid after things started so bad.

despite all of that the poker gods blessed me with some run good and I managed to only lose $400 even though I was down $4k at one point. so all praise be to the poker gods.

plan for the rest of the late night? workout, eat a snack, and play more poker. friday night games are too good to pass up, and if I'm still feeling the grind I've got to hit the tables.

pic of the day: from a snowy day on the chapel quad at my alma mater. hopefully the pic will bring some good luck to the devils and we can get a big road win at clemson tomorrow. go devils.

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