Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And I'm feelin' a villain would...if he was doin' bad...kill superman

looking for a productive 3 hours of poker, then hoping the devils can pull off the big win at Maryland. A win tonight locks up the ACC regular season, and a loss probably takes us out of the running for a #1 seed. So yeah, kind of a big game.

You know the terps will be ready as well, as it is pretty much senior night for vasquez. I really dislike playing him, but you have to respect the way he's stepped up for them in a lot of big games. Even in cameron earlier this year when we had successfully shut him down for for going on 2.5 straight games (stretching back to last year) he found a way to break out in the second half and score about 10 straight in order to make the game close. The guy is a competitor and plays with a lot of heart, and even if I think his antics are a little lame you gotta respect the effort.

I've played two session of PLO this month, one where I felt like I played really well, and the other where I played kind of meh. But I ended up losing more in the second session, so I'm down a couple of BI in that game. I put in one long NL session the other night and ended up having a nice win because the poker gods continue to bless me. I had no luck at 2/4 and 3/6, but was able to win most of the big pots I played at 5/10 and 10/20 so I came out ahead.

other than that not a lot going on. Thinking about going to vegas or tahoe in a couple of weeks if I can find a cheap plane ticket.


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