Tuesday, March 16, 2010

san francisco in 2 days

I'm going to be in san francisco on thursday night (before heading to sacramento and then tahoe for the weekend). I've only been in the city for one evening before and didn't really see much. I'm getting in really late (like 11pm west coast time) but I'll have a little time on friday morning before I head north.

What I'm looking for is cool suggestions relating to:
a) good place to stay on thursday night. Part of city and a hotel name would be great.
b) where to go for night life, especially considering we'll probably want to have a late night. Looking for a bar or part of town that stays up and parties late night.
c) suggestions for late night food. something we could grab after getting in town late or after drinking on the way back to the hotel.
d) suggestions for good breakfast or lunch option on friday.
c) best place to watch NCAA basketball on friday morning.

thanks for any and all help and please put suggestions in the comments.


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JC said...

Well crap. I took time off from your blog and you needed hometown recommendations. Sorry about that. Guess you'll have to come back (at least you got some spectacular weather!).