Friday, February 26, 2010

getting ready to grind for the night

going to try and get in about 7 hours of poker tonight. I'd love to finish the month out strong as i've been running great and would love to cap it off with a couple winning days.

had a couple of meetings about summer baseball in the park league this week. first with our manager and another player about filling voids in our lineup and getting practice time for the team in the preseason. the other meeting was a league meeting of managers and officials where we discussed budgetary matters as well as the possibility of playing more all star games potentially in minor league stadiums and maybe with tv coverage. I was really excited about the prospect of that but I found it really funny that some of the coaches were more concerned about having to work around all star games with their best pitchers, than realizing how much fun all star baseball is. As an all star pitcher who has pitched in two of those games I can tell you that you want to go, and if you can pitch you do it. and if the games had larger crowds, at a great stadium, under the lights, and maybe even on tv you can bet that the players are going to want to play. To me the league is all about playing and loving the game of baseball, and the all star games are a ton of fun and a great way for the league to put on a great face and display some of the talent we have. we'll see how it all works out.

also picked up some tickets for dave matthews this summer when they come to town. considering how lousy the weather has been (and that we're now about as far into winter as you can get before things potentially start warming) I'm really excited for summer concerts. grilling some dogs and drinking some beers while tailgating with 90 degree weather preconcert is one of my favorite things about summer.

possibly going to look into going to tahoe or vegas for the first week of march madness. I'll update if I decide to hit the road.

on to the poker. hope everyone had a good week, and has a great weekend.


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What DMB show are you going to?