Saturday, February 20, 2010

Okay I'm back up on my grind... you do you I'm just goin' do mine...

nice 2k sesh this afternoon after I broke even last night. Really feel like I'm playing well lately only a couple of plays I really wasn't a fan of. I made one bad play in a 4bet pot against an aggro reg who's range really didn't have enough bluffs in it for me to make the play. And I cost my self one huge pot when I raised myself off of a flush draw on the flop when I knew that the donk bettor was weak and the reg that called his bet probably knew that. Even though neither of their ranges are necessarily strong, I'd rather call and see a turn in position with a disguised hand than raise and reopen the betting and have to fold a hand with as much as 30% equity on the flop.

that might not make sense, but whatever.

other news... haven't played much plo lately. I played quite a bit early in the week and lost about 5 BI with some definite run bad, but probably mostly bad play on my part. I still have a ton to learn in that game about ranges and equity.

Really enjoying watching the winter olympics. Good to see the US curling teams finally win some games yesterday. Also excited about the USvsCanada in hockey tomorrow night. Big Duke game tomorrow as well. A win does a lot towards securing a regular season ACC title. It was frustrating to see Ga Tech lose at Maryland when I really thought they should have won that game if they could have made some relatively easy shots in the second half. A loss by Maryland there and a win by us tomorrow would have nearly wrapped up the reg season title. Doesn't really matter that much though because to get a one seed we're going to pretty much have to run the table.

going to start preseason throwing this week. Start working my arm back into shape. workouts have gone great the last two weeks and I've been able to put on about 5 lbs. I'd like to get up to 195 again but that is going to take more leg lifting which I've been working hard on lately. I really hate lifting legs, but it does make a huge difference in my overall fitness, and I think it will help me be better prepared for the games this summer.

also going to start trying to plan the bachelor party pretty soon. should be interesting to see what kind of crazy shenanigans my friends figure out.

going to get a workout in and then go out with katy and some of her coworkers for drinks. Haven't gone out since last weekend so I'm definitely getting a little sick of the apt.


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