Saturday, February 13, 2010

And I'm grindin' til I'm tired...They say "you ain't grindin' til you tired"...So I'm grindin with my eyes wide..Lookin' to find a way through the day

booked a nice 8k sesh last night in about 4 hours. Pretty much all NL althought a little bit in a crazy plo sesh where I dropped 5 BI and ended up winning them all back plus another 3.

great win for the devils tonight, and great game for Zoubek. Awesome to see such a fantastic student athlete and teammate able to have a huge game during the biggest game of the year in front of the home crowd. We've got a chance now to go on a run down the stretch and a 1 seed isn't impossible. I think Kansas, Kentucky, and the top team in the Big East are pretty much locks to get a one seed. The fourth one is up for grabs and is likely going to go to another Big East team, Duke if it runs the table, or potentially a Big Ten team if one runs the table and wins the conference tourney (and some Big East teams lose down the stretch). I'm excited for the rest of the season and really pumped by how we played this week.

going to do a little work out and then get some dinner with friends. it's shabu hot pot night and then time to watch the 3pt and dunk contest. Hopefully I can get in a little session at some point today. Haven't grinded as much as I would have liked lately, but I've been putting in steady hours and getting good results.

oh and the winter olypics are great. The random events like ski jump are way more exciting than the random summer games events like pole vault. The best summer games events are great, but you are more likely to find some cool weird stuff when you flip to the winter games.



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