Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your grind and my grind 'aint the same, dawg... I'm the catalogue, you're the same song

didn't get much done this weekend after I had a nice 6k friday night. spent most of the time catching up on sleep, hanging out with katy and her mom, and then watching the super bowl on sunday night.

big game coming up on wed for the devils. We really need a win, and then we can start seriously considering what it's going to take to win the regular season crown in the conference. A 1 seed is not totally out of the picture for this team because others are going to lose between now and tourney time. But its probably going to require us to win both the regular season and tourney in the ACC. hopefully we can pull it off.

also read about half of klosterman's eating the dinosaur today. good stuff, really enjoyable. the only dissappointing thing is reading it really makes we wish I had a chance to dialogue with the writer. A lot of the stuff he writes I agree with, and some of it I don't, but either way a back and forth discussion would be immensely enjoyable. That kind of niche intellectual stimulation is rare and always leaves me thinking about a lot of things. that's pretty vague but it's a blog so what'd you expect?

need to get my grind on as I've only logged in about 16k hands so far this month.

here's another pic, from the maine coastline this summer when I took a drive with my sister to get some good seafood:

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