Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm Back!

December was my biggest winning month yet, but I missed my goal of finishing in the 5 figures. Mostly I just didn't get in enough hands while home. I had some sick relatives, and got a cold myself. Between the travel, feeling run down, and trying to spend a good bit of time with family I just had trouble putting in many hands. I also had a problem with the video card on my PC so the colors were all screwy and it was giving me headaches to play.

I pretty much took off the 3 days around New Years because when I got back to Boston I had friends in town that were staying at my apt and we were spending lots of time with them. Today was the first day of getting back to normal. I played a session earlier and got in about 1k hands of NL400. Unfortunately I made a couple of really bad plays, and lost two really big flips and ended up down a little less than 1.5 buy-ins.

Planning on playing another session before I go to bed and trying to get in some more hands. Not sure if I'm going to play NL or limit. Also I'm really hoping to get back to writing this at least 3 times a week or so. Hopefully spending a month without major travel or holiday interruption will get me back into the flow. I'm usually the last person to want to see the holidays end, but this year was really stressful and busy during Christmas, and I've just been looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. Especially working out since that got put totally on the back burner while I was sick.

glad to be back, and let me know if you're out there reading!

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Irish Se7en said...

Jim, I finally logged on and wb. I just caught up with your blog and as usual it was a good read.

Keep grinding ad gl with your workouts.