Saturday, January 5, 2008


after having another lousy session early this evening I had decided I was going to take the rest of the night off and just datamine FTP while I watched some discovery channel/ poker vids I've been meaning to catch up on. But the bug got me late tonight, and I sat down for a little 3-tabling session of NL400. I finally ran good, and I mean really good. I picked up almost 4-buyins in about 200 hands to get back in the black for the month (yah being up $15).

I stacked a guy in a BvB when I called his 3.5xbb pfr with 2c4c in the BB. He is a pretty standard TAG or LAGTAG at the level, but I think he plays bad postflop and I can float or take away the pot enough postflop to make this a not horrible call. Yeah it certainly was a little loose, but whatever. I flop deez nutz on a 424 flop. He lead out for about 4/5 pot on the flop and I called. Then he bet again for about 3/4 pot on the K turn and I minraised. I know minraising in NL is pretty bad, but I wanted action, and this is a pretty good way to induce it from not great TAGs. If he has a K I think we get it all in by the river, and if he has a med pkt pair I think I get a call a lot on the turn. Instead he shoved with AA and I obv insta-called and doubled up my 100bb stack. He then called me retarded :)

About 15 hands later I raised it up from UTG with JhTh, and got called in the SB and with same villain in BB. Flop was A5x with two hearts. I bet about 2/3 pot, the SB folded, and the BB c/r'd me about 3.5x my bet. I called because I was getting about 2.5-1 to spike my flush, and I think I get paid off a lot when I do because I have position and he is always going to fire the turn. I hit the flush on the turn and didn't even have to try and extract because he shoved (for about 1.75x the pot) with A5.

I also stacked a guy when I flopped bottom set in a m-way pot and he played a weird b/c, c/c, shove the river game with an underpair 66.

So after picking up a few more pots I called it a night with a nice green color in my PT stats for the first time in 2008.

Also watched Best in Show with Katy tonight while eating some take out Chinese which was good times. Its a pretty hilarious movie that I hadn't seen in a couple of years. Then I watched two episodes of Fight Quest on Discovery channel which was very entertaining. The episode about Kali fighting in Manila just shows you how comfy most of us have it growing up in America. Kali is a street fighting style that uses sticks and knives (Matt Damon was using Kali with the rolled up magazine in the Bourne Supremacy) that is taught to the Marines in that country. They say that many people learn it to survive on the street where you often have to be able to fight to make it.

The masters that were teaching the two hosts of the show made one comment that one of the host had a good heart, but was a typical soft american boy. I sometimes feel like that when I have trouble motivating myself to run, lift weights, do my reps of crunches or pushups, or in general push my body hard. I had 4 years of fairly difficult workouts in college in terms of endurance and muscle fatigue, but I worry that I'll get soft without the constant pressure to push yourself. So as cheesy as it sounds watching a very entertaining show like that featuring stories about people who push hard to maintain their bodies is somewhat inspirational. It makes me more excited about getting in my daily pushups, crunches, and getting onto the treadmill.

I also watched survivorman and man vs wild which are super entertaining shows.

one final poker note. Finally played a little limit today as I played a short session of 8/16 on FTP. I played and ran well and pocketed about $100 for my effort. It was the first time I had played limit on FTP in over a month. But tomorrow I'm planning on looking for some good 10/20 games on AP since I need to get in my points for the month on that site. I also need to cash in my AP points for cash which will be a nice boon to my bankroll.

also check out and their new updates. They have a fancy new look, more videos, more instructors, more forums, and are really generating some great content. If you need a code to see the beta of the new site just post up a comment in my blog and I'll send one along your way.

later folks!

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