Wednesday, January 16, 2008

running bad....

this month I've run KK into AA pf in NL 3 times. I've run KK into a small-med stack with a smaller pair who then flopped a set 4 times. I've run QQ into KK 5 times. And I've lost 5 coinflips with QQ vs AK. I would guess the total value of those losses to be around $5k of coolers or lost flips.

I'm only musing on this because I just played a 1k session of NL200 where I made a few bad plays and got down 1.5 buyins. But I battled back and worked my way to even despite running KK into AA for 1 buy-in and QQ into KK for .5 buy-in. Both of these were after I got back into the plus side for the session. In both cases they were players who sat down, limped a few hands. Then I get the pair and raise their limp, they come over the top, and I can't fold. I especially can't fold the QQ hand considering the guy only bought in for $90. The KK hand I did the shoving hoping to get called by JJ, QQ, or AK or AKs. So despite really battling for like 5 hours I end up +$2 on the session. If I cooler them in these pots I end up +$300 for the session. So that is basically how my month has gone.

Despite that I'm back in positive numbers (thanks the fact that I play LHE goot), and looking forward to trying to get in 2k hands or so today.


Rob said...

The fact that your running pretty bad with the monster hands, then able to talk about it, and then realize your slightly ahead speaks a great deal about your inner fortitude!!!

I would have steamed off a ton o chips after that bad run!!

Keep it up!!

Unknown said...

Wow, that's smart of you -- you're getting all the bad luck out of the way so the good luck can come right in!

Seriously, you know these things turn, and your BR management is good so you can survive and play another day. Keep up the grinding, my man! We're out here cheering for you to succeed.