Wednesday, December 12, 2007

poker/baseball post coming soon....

was going to post before passing out tonight, but I'm beat. Put in a bunch of hands today. For a change I ran good in limit and crappy in NL. It was a rollercoaster of a day. Up $700 playing limit. Down $650 playing NL. Then back up $910 playing limit. Sum for the day was about +$1k. Finally got out of my 10/20 slump and had some nice winning session there. Trying to post my first five figure month this month, but it is going to take a ton of work.

I'll dig out some interesting hands and post them up tomorrow. hopefully I can find something I totally screwed up. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Perry! Amanda Dice (Fei now) here, remember me? My sister told me of your poker playing and thought I'd drop a line. My husband is a professional poker player based out of Tunica. Perhaps you will run across each other one day. Hope all is well with you. It would be nice to catch up with you soon. Feel free to email me or find me on myspace.

Jim Perry said...

Hey amanda!

Great to hear from you. Also very cool that your husband is playing pro. I still a relative noob at this whole thing, but it is always nice to find someone else making a living playing cards.

I hope everything is going great with you as well. I'll try to shoot you an email in the next couple of days just to say hello. Also feel free to yell at me on AIM (themightyjim2k on there).