Friday, January 4, 2008


SD numbers for my 1.5k hands of NL today were 19/47. I usually win about 9ptbb/100 with SD numbers around 25/50, so you can see why that isn't good.

I made a couple of really horrible plays (calling a huge shove in a massive pot with an OESD when I wasn't getting the right price AND calling a guy down with 33 in a BVB when he turned quads and I thought he was bluffing with a draw) and also ran pretty bad (lost over a stack with QQ against AK and lost just under a stack with AK vs QQ also lost almost a stack when I flopped topped two and got it in against an overpair on the flop and he river paired the bottom card to give him the pot). So I probably wouldn't have had a great day if I hadn't run meh because of my donkey play, but never flopping anything and losing flips doesnt help.

all and all it turned out to be my worst day of NL so far. Yay 2008! But I plan on playing another 2k or more hands tomorrow so hopefully I can pick up a couple of buy-ins and get back to even for the month. If nothing else I'll take a break from the NL and grind some limit during the afternoon.

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