Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the Green!

After some serious grinding the last two days, and really playing some of my best poker, I'm back in the green for the month.

I've been playing a super LAGTAG style at 6 max LHE (like 33/25 pf) and I think that people are really struggling to adjust to me. I haven't been running particularly hot with my big hands (AA, KK, and AKs not really getting it done) but I've been hitting draws and pairs in a lot of pots and really pounding on people for value.

I've also been table selecting well and finding some great games at 15/30 with some crazy maniacs. Nothing better than getting a guy on your right that you feel comfortable iso-3-betting hands like K8s against.

I had some interesting hands in my session today so I might dig through them and post them up here later. Also did anyone check out the Dukies last night? Despite the fact that injuries have given us almost no inside game (doh!) we absolutely dominated UVA. I'm hoping that are road shooting touch comes back a little on wednesday night when we play at FSU. I'm really pumped for the season though since this team is as exciting as we've had since 2004 ( thought not as good as 03/04 or 05/06).

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