Thursday, June 3, 2010


quick hitters:

- I've been playing a lot of rush poker because it is 6max NLHE crack. people can't play, I get to start and stop whenever, and I can get in a ton of hands 4 tabling. I actually play it on the toilet sometimes. That should be the next FTP advertisement; Rush Poker! The Best Form of Poker When You're Taking a Dump!

- our team is off to a great start 5-1. I've only thrown 5 innings but so far so good even though my control is lousy. We have a really deep staff and all of the other guys have been throwing fantastic. I'm hoping my arm builds and builds into shape so that at the end of the season I'm approaching what I was at the beginning of last year. It is going to be tough though because my rotator cuff is not happy.

- went on the 5th anniversary cruise with my buddies from duke baseball. we had a blast with so many hilarious stories and moments. pic at end of blog is us being rahtards on the boat one night. I really love those cruises and could easily just go ship around on one of those boats for a couple months if they'd let me. The guys are hilarious, the weather is fantastic, and we eat like kings. It was honestly the most food I've eaten in the last couple of years. I've really changed my eating habits and improved my diet and nutrition, but the boat was just a total delicious binge. We're talking 5 course dinners with 2 entrees every night (prime rib and lobster yumm), 24 hour free room service (think 3 sandwiches at 4am), lunch buffet, burgers for afternoon snacks, the hits just keep coming.

I didn't really weigh myself so I don't know if I gained any weight, but I know the first few days back I was hungry nonstop. I had totally altered my bodies expectation for food and found myself wanting to eat huge amounts all the time. It took almost a week to get myself back on to a reasonable diet, but it made me think about why so many people in this country are obese. If you allow yourself to eat like that frequently it becomes a mental and physical expectation. Almost like an addiction. And changing your habits (ie diet and nutrition) takes mental will power and work. For me its about not keeping junk food in the apartment (haven't for close to 2 years). No potato chips, no candy, no regular soda, no fruit drink, no ice cream, etc. I think a good general rule is that if the food takes no time to prepare and isn't a fresh fruit or vegetable you should probably reconsider eating it. sure there are exceptions, but if you start there you're going to immediately see an impact on how you eat.

anyway enough of that, but post cruise that was an interesting realization to me. to wrap things up the cruise was awesome again and I can't wait for next year.

- wedding planning is going well. katy finally sold me on the merits of a DJ. we found someone that meets my standards, and I look forward to bombarding the guy with information about what I do and don't want to hear. luckily he's totally prepped and expecting that, and doesn't want the role of MC so that helps considerably. I'm sure we'll need him to announce a few things, but in general the thing I wanted was a guy that could get the music I wanted to play in a timely reasonable manner that would work with the crowd. I want to take stuff I like and get people into it. and this guy gets that and seems to do it well. should be fun.

- botched call on the perfect game tonight was a travesty. I really feel for the player, but I also feel for the ump. That is the kind of perfectly normal human mistake that can haunt a guy and I hope it doesn't. It sounds like he felt terrible about it and even though I had a head asplode moment when I first saw my final thought was "whaddayagonnado?"

- celts lakers tonight is going to be epic. besides all of the teams history I'm looking forward to jesus shuttlesworth (ray allen) shooting sneers at kobe bryant. I'm not a kobe fan and ray might be my favorite celtic so I hope he has a big series. btw ray also perfectly predicted the kobe-tantrum mid 2000s years before it happened (which also set off their feud):

After the Shaquille O'Neal was traded to Miami, Allen was asked about whether Kobe Bryant could lead the Lakers back to the Finals:

He feels like he needs to show the league, that he is better without Shaq, that he can win without Shaq. That he can still average 30 points and he can still carry the load on this team. The point production is not so much what people will look at, because (Tracy) McGrady did it in Orlando and Allen (Iverson) did it in Philly. But can you win championships? Can he make everybody better? He has the talent. But is his attitude going to sometimes allow him to take the backseat and let Lamar Odom shine and let Caron Butler have his nights and bring those big guys along? If Kobe thinks he needs 2-1/2 good players to be a legitimate playoff contender or win a championship in about a year or two he will be calling out to (Lakers owner) Jerry Buss that we need some help in here, or trade me. We'll all be saying we told you so when he says that.


me and 3 of the cruise bros being idiots on the cruise:

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