Tuesday, June 8, 2010

poker memories

posted this up in a thread on 2p2 after someone linked the youtube of the ESPN WSOP broadcast below:

this was my favorite year of WSOP broadcasts and that might be my favorite one ever. That was back when I was in college and taking summer school classes and I'd come home from class, then waiting tables until 11PM or later, and grab a 6 pack of beers and watch the WSOP broadcast that I had recorded on my VCR. I used to record all of them back then and rewatch them all the time. Then if it was a real good night my friends would get a .10/.25 NL game going I'd get to wander over to one of their apartments and play poker until 2AM or so. we'd always play until there were just a couple of us left because noone really wanted to lose more than 10 dollars, and in the end there be 3 guys playing for everyone's money and we'd finally just quit because we were all scared to lose 20 bucks playing HU. But whoever got the best of it that night would by beers for the next.

I'm not sure I'll ever enjoy poker as much as I did then. it makes me wistful just thinking about it.

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