Tuesday, May 11, 2010

quick hitters

still running bad and it really started to get to me last week. I definitely started playing bad and threw up some hands on the forums to confirm basically most of the regs I respect disagreed with my lines in every hand I posted and they typically disagreed exactly how I would expect them to. In general I'm just making weird leveling decisions and doing stupid things at the tables that I wouldn't do when I have full confidence. Not surprising considering I was in the middle of one of my largest monetary downswings ever. because of that I pretty much stayed away from the blog and the tables this weekend. here are some quick updates.

- exciting weekend of sports in boston all though there wasn't a ton of success. I got to go to red sox-yankees on friday night with great seats down the first base line thanks to a good friend who sold me his tickets for face. much thanks to him and it was a fun game watching the sox finally get the bats going. also been able to see both bruins and celtics home playoff games in the last few weeks. So its been a good sports month and I'm hoping it continues.

- went to a friends wedding in Boston this weekend. It was a great time and they really did it right. Great food, open bar, bluegrass band at the reception, and I got to school some people at cornhole. They are a fantastic couple and katy put it best when she said that she was really really happy for them because as great as they are individually they both are even better together. nothing but the best to kim and brent and congratulations.

- my arm is messed up. I've got tendonitis in my rotator cuff and its made prepping for the season a huge pain. basically my arm really realy hurts at the beginning of every bullpen and its a struggle to find some kind of comfort on the mound. I'm working hard to get some control and really maintain velocity. and I still haven't settled into a comfortable spot with my off speed pitches. the only good news is that I'm starting to get my slider back although I'm not sure if it's game ready yet.

- I've been playing some Rush poker on FTP again. when I want to get in a quick 30 minute session while waiting for katy, or during half time of a game I'm just firing up 4 tables of rush and getting a quick grind in. I think it isn't inconcievable that my winrate is something like 5ptbb/100 at rush since the regs are not very good and there are a lot of fish (is 1/2 NL so the stakes are quite a bit lower than I'm used to) and considering the hands/hour I see I think it's a actually a pretty good way to make some money here and there. I wouldn't want to make it my primary game, but it is a nice change of pace.

thats about it for now. hopefully next update will have me running good again

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