Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's get dumb, drink some rum. Make my teeth and gums feel real numb.

I'm appropriately drunk tonight. Had a fantastic dinner with good friends and some new folks that I didn't know who were also very very cool. Then stayed late with the host after the WAGs went home, drank a lot more of the booze and wandered home with a good buddy while we discussed the finer details of life.

this is drinking at it's best. not blackout, not stupid, not driving, or any other retraded (inside joke) nonsense. Just enough to get social and fun and enjoy each others jokes and observations.

and let's go celtics. Win game two, punk the lakers, and let's get things rolling. I didn't ever really hate phil jackson until this year, but I'm tired of his BS. Somebody needs to end his streak, and who better than these celtics.

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