Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now when the sun come up...I'll be there to say what up

up up & away - kid cudi

I had a great time at my 5th year college reunion over the weekend. it was great to see some of my best friends that I hadn't seen much of in almost half a decade. Especially to see everyone without the stress but with a ton of free time to relax and hang out. I wish I had been able to make it in for thursday night but tax week is always stressful. uncle sam got a huge chunk of change from me which is a double edged sword. the upside is that I am extremely blessed to have had the financial success that I've had over the last year. the downside is that so much of the money that I earned is going to a government that I believe is rife with bureaucratic inefficiencies. but enough tax and politics talk.

I've put in three sessions since being back and I'm definitely running well. I also think I've taken advantage of a few days away from the table to find some mistakes that I had gradually developed. it's easy to develop bad habits over time, and sometimes just stepping back and trying some new things or watching the game a little closer can reveal some mistakes. I also think I'm running pretty good right now, so thanks again to the poker gods.

last but not least someone is apparently opening my mail. I've gotten two pieces of mail from american express the last two days with offers for free airline tickets if I signed up for something. Both had been opened. I'm not sure if something had been removed, but as far as I can tell there was nothing of value for the person to take.

however being a past victim of identity theft I'm a little disturbed about this. I guess my only recourse is to go down to the post office and file a report. if anyone has had to deal with this in the past please post a comment with any advice or thoughts.

thats all for now. just got back from a late night bullpen. next update will probably have some baseball info.


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