Friday, April 2, 2010

my sister is hitched

we had the ceremony yesterday afternoon with family and it was a short and very nice. I'm sure everyone agrees, but it is really great to see someone in your family so happy and it really makes days and moments like that very special. Tomorrow we're having a big reception/party with more friends and family so I need to spend the afternoon helping get stuff together and set up.

I'm going to try and get to my Duke vs WV breakdown, but it is going to be difficult with all of the stuff I need to get done. I would have done it last night but I spend 5 hours wrapping up all the tax stuff I had to do on my end and getting it cent to my CPA. I'm hoping (although I know he is swamped) that he can get the info back to me early next week so I can take care of my SEP IRA and get my payments our early. I always feel like I'm running behind with taxes even though I've done a good job of working a few weeks ahead the last few years. I guess it is the closest thing I have to a major final paper (ala college) anymore, so it still induces a little bit of that last minute procrastinating panic.

I'd really like to hit the tables tonight as I've been jonesing to play for awhile. I just haven't found the time with travel, my sisters wedding, etc over the last few days. and by the time I finished my tax stuff last night it was 2AM and I was tired since I had been up since 8:30AM. The sun comes in to my bedroom at home and hits me right in the eye at 8:30AM every morning and wakes me up. Never used to be a problem when I was in high school because there was a huge sugar maple tree in front of that window plus I had to be up for school and to deliver newspapers well before that everyday. But now that I'm used to sleeping in it is definitely a little brutal. We bought some drapes to put up about 4 years ago, but as I'm only home about 3-4 times a year and never for more than a week we haven't really gotten around to it.

aight well I've got to go run errands with my dad. hopefully pregame breakdown to come later.



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