Monday, June 21, 2010

another wedding down

two good friends from college got married in Houston this weekend and it was like another college reunion. We had a great time and it was awesome to see everyone. They're a fantastic couple and wish them both the best.

now I've got 10 days to get in about 50 hours of poker to meet my monthly goals. I think I can do it if I adjust my sleep schedule back to normal hours and try to get my play in before baseball games. It is just really hard to play after being at the field for 3 hours especially when I catching guys in the pen and often warming up for potential relief appearances. My new plan is wake up in the morning. play from 12-5 or so in the afternoon. Then get a workout in after the game when I come home. I can eat a late dinner after the workout and pass out for the night. That would get me back to working out while still leaving plenty of time for poker. Hopefully I can put back on some of the weight I lost while I haven't been lifting over the last month.

that's about all to update from here. been watching a lot of WC, go USA beat algeria and get us into the elimination round. No comment on game 7 of the NBA finals.