Tuesday, May 4, 2010

running bad

haven't been updating because I'm running like crap right now. and it's somewhat frustrating. I know overall I run great so I really have nothing to complain about, and noone likes hearing bad beat posts so I tend to just not blog when I'm not winning.

the poker gods still love me and they treat me good so no complaints from this guy. just need to get in more hours on my grind, especially now that I have a few weeks with no traveling.

going on a cruise on the 21st, but I'm in boston till then and going to be trying to get in an average of 5k hands a day until then. wish me luck.


TJ Eckleburg12 said...

Hang in there!

I just snapped a 20 BI downswing, if I can do it you can too

Jim Perry said...

yeah hit about 35BI myself today. I think I'm playing decent but it's hard to tell. hopefully I can grind my way out.