Friday, April 10, 2009

comeback session

so this was an extremely frustrating but ultimately rewarding session. I start off by getting multiple coolers (sets against flushes, undersets, KK vs AA, AK vs AA, etc etc). Standard stuff and nothing worth losing my mind about, but then when I'm trying to battle back and can't win any pots where I get it in with a big edge, well you kind of want to puke.

But eventually a few big pots go my way and I start to battle back. Then a couple more huge pots start to go my way. I start hitting some sets, and because everyone thinks I'm always bluffing and full of it I start getting paid off. Anyway to tie up this somewhat boring story I finally get up for the night, and decide I'm effing done with this session. A +5k hand grind and I'll take the $350 win.

Made some delicious homemade pizza tonight, and finished it off with some leftover birthday cake from yesterday. Katy made me a delicious light lemon-cake with whipped icing. With a little vanilla bean icing it can't be beat. Plus she worked hard to clear her schedule, so the nicest thing about the b-day was just being able to hang out last night and watch lost and not have to worry about her having to stop for work or to go to sleep or whatever.

Planning on going to dinner/drinks with friends on saturday as kind of a late birthday dinner, but other than that no big plans for the weekend. I'm hoping it is going to get a little warmer around here, but I don't have much hope. Topped out in the low 60s today and that was actually nice enough that I opened all of the windows and let in as much fresh air as possible.

I think I'm going to start watching Band of Brothers again. I got about 6 episodes into it one time when I got distracted or something and I never finished the series. But I watched Saving Private Ryan the other night for the third or fourth time and I really enjoyed it, although that is a weird thing to say. It is hard to enjoy watching so much suffering and tribulation, but I guess the thought I'm looking for is moving and touching. Remembering conversations about WW2 with my grandfather, and the time I spent visiting with the American Legion veterans at Boys Nation, and I definitely got a little teary-eyed at the end of that movie.

anyway that is enough random stuff. The reds won today (yay!), the red sox lost (boo!), and the Masters looks like it could be great this weekend. Everyone enjoy their easter weekend and thanks for reading.




JC said...

5000 hands represents how much time?

Jim Perry said...

probably around 5 hours