Friday, June 27, 2008

busted out of the event...

So I pretty much played like crap today. Early on played a few decent hands, made a nice laydown or two, and then just kind of went card dead.

The I had a little more than our starting 4k stack when I limped on the button with A9s after three other people limped. Jeff Madsen had limped UTG with about 2.4k stack. The flop comes down A84 with two hearts and everyone checks to me. I bet 300 into the 500 pot, and Madsen thinks for about 30 seconds before c/r'ing to 800. Now I had stabbed at pots as the last one to act and had to fold to raises at least 2 times in the last 45 minutes, and I knew he had seen me be fairly active. Combine that with the fact that he made a non-committing raise, and he could easily have a flush draw and I decided to ship it in. My hand looks really weak there, and I figured there was a decent chance he was bluffing since its fairly unlikely he limps a better Ax from UTG with that stack.

turns out I was way off with my guess as he had limped AKo from UTG (huh?) and after he snap called and I didn't catch up my stack is down to crap. Plus we are now 1 hand away from the break and the blinds become 200. So I'll have 8BB when I get back from the break.

First hand we get back from the break a really good player that I talked with a little bit limps UTG, and I have AA. Normally I would have just raised to 3-4BB, but I knew that he would see that as a committing raise and I had just finished talking with him about how often I was going to be shipping it in during the break. So I thought if I thought for a little bit and then shipped it in that he might call me off light. Instead he basically insta-mucked and I got no value for my aces. In retro-spect I really think I should have just limped as well and tryed to get someone else to squeeze raise from behind and get it in with the AA. I also could have possible won a c-bet on the flop from the aggressive limper.

A couple hands later with about 1.8k in chips I ship it in from UTG with 55. Aggressive european guy 2 to my left thinks for about 2 minutes before going all-in for about 2.4k, then madsen directly to his left thinks for about 1 minute before going all-in for a little over 4k, then the guy two to Madsen's left thinks for about 30 seconds before going all-in for about 3.8k. So I know I'm going ot have to spike now that we have 4 players all-in LOL. I flip up the speed limit, next guy has 88, Madsen has JJ, and then the last player has AA. So I've only got about 10% equity in the pot, but if I hit a 5 at least I'll be up to 7.2k in chips. The AA held up though, and two of us were eliminated. Madsen must have busted a few hands later because I saw him out in the hallway not much longer. So I guess that hand basically eliminated 3 of the 8 players at the table. And I can proudly say I got it in with the worst hand. wheeeeee.

overall I think I played like crap. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I got basically no sleep for the last 3 days because of the baseball game, packing, couldnt sleep on the flight, and then went out last night and partied a little too hard. In retrospect I probably should have gone back to the room at a reasonable hour instead of going clubbing with the European guys from raktherake. We had a good time, but I was feeling it this morning.

Also I definitely didn't adjust enough to the 10 handed nittiness of live poker. I told myself to slow down before the tournament, and I tried, But with the short stack I could have been more patient and played the AA slower and probably should have just mucked the 55. I could have gotten down to 4-5 BB before needing to ship that light UTG. TBH I really didn't think anyone would call with JJ+ or AK. So I feel like I played like crap and basically bustoed my chance to win some good money. I guess busting out early is better than slowly busting out, but when you play bad you pretty much feel like an idiot. and I feel like an idiot.

So I'm going to grab some late dinner and find a cash game. Not sure if I want to go back to the Rio, check out the poker room here at the Palms or head to the strip.


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