Saturday, April 12, 2008

LOL Spring Training-aments

So I had an informal workout with the pitching coaches for Nashua and Worcester of the Can-Am League yesterday. Originally there was going to be a tryout today, but it was cancelled due to bad weather. Instead they had about 20 guys (2 OFs, 3 Cs, and 15 pitchers) workout at the stadium in Worcester informally. I thought I threw so-so, but at the end of the workout they asked me and 3 other pitchers to come back at 9:30AM this morning for a separate workout just for the Worcester coaches. The Nashua coach also seemed interested in me and asked a few questions about where I played last year as well as all of my contact info.

This morning I threw another bullpen to the manager Rich Geddy (sp?) and felt I threw much better. I had a lot better fastball location, my splitter had some good sharp movement, and my change-up was also good. Overall I felt really good about my pen, and after I finished throwing their pitching coach invited me to spring training with their team next month (sweet!!!!!!!!!).

Basically they will be putting me up in a hotel for about 9 days or so and I'll be working out with the rest of the team at spring training. If things go well and I earn a job I'll be playing in the Can-Am League this summer. Obviously I still have another step to go, but making the training camp was an accomplishment and really validated all of the work I have put in the last year and a half.

Another funny thing was that after I finished my pen the pitching coach mentioned that my motion really looks conducive to a slider (I'm currently throwing fastball, splitter, and changeup). The slider was my best pitch (and fairly devastating imo) for all of high school and 3 years in college. It wasn't until my senior year when my coaches were trying to change some of my mechanics that I started struggling with it. I then had a Rick Ankiel like senior year where I just couldn't throw a slider at all (it was really bad). So I picked up the splitty about 12 months ago so I would have something off speed to throw in the Boston Park League last summer, and it has been pretty effective in the last year. I know both teams were interested in the split finger because during my bullpen yesterday the first one I threw woke up all of the coaches from their casual conversation. All of a sudden the Nashua pitching coach was asking me what I was throwing and taking notes.

But Worcester's (pronounced Wuster for you non-Bostonians like myself) pitching coach thinks we could work on it and a get a slider back next month. I'm certainly excited about the prospect.

So baseball is going well, and I'm pumped that I could be playing pro-ball this summer. Also poker is going well this month. I'm mostly playing NL, as I've gotten really comfortable 8-tabling 400NL 6max on Full Tilt. My hourly is so much higher in NL (compared to 10/20 and 15/30 6max LHE) and the variance is so much smaller that I'm having trouble justifying playing LHE. Obviously most smart players made this jump a few years ago, but I wasn't playing pro then so I obviously played what I found to be more fun. And I still love limit, I just need to make more money after last month's lousy run so I'm going to play mostly NL this month. Maybe the limit games will get more juicy this summer and I'll mix more in.

Also going to Costa Rica on wednesday (16th) for 6 days. So that should be exciting. Probably won't be blogging much while I'm gone, but I'm going to take the laptop so I'll likely be playing some poker and might get up a blog while I'm away.

Life is good right now, and I'm going to go have a beer and enjoy my evening. Hope you are having a great saturday too, and thanks for reading.




Pooh said...

Pizzle FTW!

Scottwire said...

good luck earning a spot in the Can Am League. If you do, I'm come see you at a New Jersey Jackals game!

Wes917 said...

w00t!!! Congrats Jim, it's nice to see all that hard work starting to pay off.

Rob said...

Hey there! GREAT NEWS!! Glad to hear that is more than one team interested in you! When you do make a team you need to tell everyone your schedule! Maybe this summer I will be able to make it to a game! That would be awesome!!

Congrats Again!!


Unknown said...

Man oh man, that's great Jimbo. Spring training should be a really good experience regardless of the outcome, but I've got a good feeling about your success.

And congrats on doing so well in NL. (But I hate Limit so I'm not objective.)

And have fun in CR, where are you going? Soak up "La Pura Vida" and enjoy the wonderful folks down there.

Anonymous said...

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