Saturday, April 5, 2008

still offering coaching

so I ran horribly at the end of last month and honestly just didn't feel like blogging. It was my worst downswing in 12 months, and at one point I had dropped about 9k in about 8,000 hands. I ended up battling back so I was barely made some money last month, but needless to say it was a rough way to end the month. With taxes coming up, and needing to make some cash outs to pay the IRS I am certainly glad that I play well overrolled. I was able to make significant cash outs 5 times in the last three months, take a vacation, run horribly for an entire month, and I'm still more than over-rolled for the games I'm playing. All I can say is if you ever plan on playing poker full time make sure you keep your bills paid ahead of time, and keep more bankroll then you think you'll ever need, because you just might need it some day. That is if you don't want to have to drop stakes and have to grind like a maniac to get back into your usual games.

Poker also started off rough this month. After having a nice couple of session to start the month I had the worst session of my pro career two nights ago. I dropped $5.5k in 950 hands. The good news is that I can honestly say I didn't tilt, and I think I played well for the most part. I would say I made some bad mistakes that probably cost me 5-10BB, but that isn't that bad when you consider I lost 150BB on the less than 1,000 hands!!!!! The frustrating thing is that I had great seats in great games with huge fish on my direct right. I just couldn't pick up or win a hand the whole time. It was just one massive beatdown. Unfortunately that concluded my shot taking at 30/60 for the most part. Until the end of this month I likely just won't have a big enough bankroll to feel comfortable.

But I've battled back, made back some money playing LHE and also played and run well at 2/4NL. I'm now pretty comfortable 8-tabling 6max NL 2/4, and I've had good result over my last 10k hands. So I'm back in the black this month, and I'm on pace to grind out more hands this month than I ever have before.

All of that poker stuff out of the way....I'm really excited that I have tryouts this week. On friday I'm trying out for three teams in the CANAM Independent Professional Baseball League. Originally I had planned on travelling to Bridgeport CT tomorrow to tryout for the Bluefish, but I ran into some scheduling issues. The Bluefish play a 150 game schedule and start at the end of April. Because of my trip to Costa Rica that I am taking in 10 days I wouldn't be able to practice with the team or find an apartment before their season start. Plus I'm not sure how much they were really looking for more players. I decided that I wasn't sure if I really wanted to join up with their club had they shown interest in me, so it just didn't make sense to spend all day tomorrow going down and back and paying the cost to tryout. I'm much more excited to tryout for the teams this week, and I'm really hoping that I have a good showing and someone will have some interest in me.

One final thing. We decided to shutdown the coaching forum over at CT because we simply weren't getting enough interest in order to keep it up. That being said I've had a surprising (in my opinion) amount of interest from people about coaching, and I plan on continuing to coach for those interested. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions, and I really think my clients have been both great to work with and very good poker players.

So if you have been looking for a NL or LHE cash game coach for mid-small stakes please contact me via email or by posting on this blog. I'll get in touch and we can discuss what I can do to help improve your game. I honestly think that I give more value/$ than most coaches you'll find and I think my clients all agree that I've been able to help their game.


next post to have some more fun poker hands and strategy thoughts. thanks for reading



Mitchell Cogert said...

Just wanted to say...Very Impressive! Best of luck at your poker career.

By the way, if I ever move to NL cash games I'll definitely consider hiring you...right now, I;m focused on NL and Razz tournaments.

One minor point--I'm not a web designer, but you may not want to underline so much's tough to read...or maybe that's my computer or my eyesight issue.

Jim Perry said...

thanks for the kind words and great suggestion. I had cut and paste the underlined text, so I'm going to edit it for esthetics.

gl on the tables.