Wednesday, April 23, 2008

La Pura Vida

Costa Rica was good times. Lots of great food, beautiful scenery, tropical animals, swimming at the pool, chilling at the beach, hiking through the forests, zip-lining, seeing volcanoes etc etc. I'll let the pics do most of the talking:

Crocodiles under a bridge we crossed during the drive from San Jose to Manuel Antonio

View from the Balcony of my hotel room.

Beach at Manuel Antonio State Park

Me getting ready to go on a huge zip-line over a river in the jungle about 40 minutes outside of Quepos (small town inland less than 5 miles from Manuel Antonio).

Standing under a waterfall we hiked to after zip-lining. I'm a pasty dude.

Sunset at the restaurant (and pool) where we ate dinner at the last night at Manuel Antonio.

Acidic lake in crater of Poas Volcano that we visited on the last morning before heading to the airport.

and the cool bonus: While zip lining our guide offered to take a video of one of the "flights". I had just gone (next to last) and he was brining up the rear as he always did. He took my camera and recorded his ride and I it turned out great. Needless to say that trip was quite a rush, and I pretty much had to share. We were at least 400 feet over the river in that shot, but we might have been more at the highest point.

anyway here it is:

thats all for now. Poker is going great this month. I'm running super hot and killing it at NL400. I'm sure the downswing is on its way ;-) I'll update with poker stuff and some hands later.

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