Monday, December 10, 2007



  • had 7 year anniversary with Katy this weekend. Had an excellent dinner downtown, then drinks at a pub, followed by a horse drawn carriage ride. After 7 years I love her more than ever, and she still laughs at me. It's a good match.
  • Saw Beowulf 3D last week. Special effects were un-freaking-believable. If you haven't seen it you have to see it in 3D before they take it out of the theatres. The movie was good (not great), but it is 100% worth the ticket price if you see it in 3D.
  • Played a ton of hands this weekend. I play NL good and win lots of moniez. In limit I run like crap at 10/20 to negate running great at 5/10, and am just over breakeven for the month. Overall having a good month.
  • Got pissed this afternoon. Tilted for a few hands. Banged head on desk about 5 times (literally). Sang christmas carols at the top of my lungs. Proceeded to run and play better and recovered losses +$250. ship the masicistic luckbox.
  • The Bengals, Bills, and Patriots all won. Yay for teams I root for in the NFL.
  • Duke basketball is the shizzle. We are good enough to play with anyone in the country. If you are on our schedule you better get ready.
  • baseball is going well. Threw twice this week. worked out a couple of times. discussed some tryout plans with Tom. I really got to ramp up the effort though over the next 3 months.
  • I'm getting ready to start a coaches for hire forum on ChipTalk with the legendary jojobinks. If you are a CTer and looking for some help with your game give us a look. We will likely be posting free strat articles every week as well.

that is all. new post with some interesting hands coming soon...




Wes917 said...

Jim - it's pretty cool you and your gf have been together that long. My wife and I were together for 7 years before I proposed. Then we waited a year to get married. You guys have plans? It's amazing to think but you've already been together longer then most stay married.

Jim Perry said...

we pretty much assume we are going to get married, but with Katy still in second year med school it is tough to figure out exact dates. I guess we are basically married as is.

Wes you and I definitely have a lot of similarities.

Wes917 said...

Jim - I noticed that to. We were in the same boat felt like we were married long before the actual date and we just waited until we were both finished with school to keep things from getting even more hetic. FWIW I highly recommend waiting until she's done because there's a lot of stress planningn a wedding and I'm sure she's under a lot of stress already from Med. school.