Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WPT final table and F-me-oxwoods

WPT final table was fun. It was more interesting than I thought it would be, and I watched about 75% of the whole thing. I'm going to wait a write a more detailed post about this later, but it is really interesting how much crap is happening around the table all the time, and I have to believe that it is really tough for the players to focus the whole time.

I should get a decent amount of TV time, as in you can see me behind Nick Schulman's shoulder in the audience. However I left right after it got down to 3-handed to go play some poker myself.

Set is a pretty crappy 10/20 limit game. Not crappy because the play was good, but crappy because there wasn't much action. I got no cards, but KK was sucked out on once on the river, and I had top pair beat by a full house, who's cards I called on the end. I actually called out peoples hands totally dead on 3 times which kind of impressed the old folks.

I did finally make one nice play when I bluffed out 4 players with 7-high on a 65252 board. The last guy in the pot didn't appreciate it too much when I flipped up the nut low while raking the $220 pot in.

However that is where the good news ended. The table quickly broke except for a couple of folks who really stunk, so I gladly took the chance to play shorthanded with really bad players. It then got HU between me and a nice guy who I had bluffed out with the 74. Karma is a bitch they say, and it was certainly true. This guy proceeded to run white hot for almost an hour against me. He rivered a boat when I had the nut straight on the turn. He flopped trips and played them so passively he only made one bet on the big streets. He coolered me with top pair against two pair, and checked it down on the river (OMGZ). He rivered a gutter (he had a flush draw as well) to beat my two pair and just called my bet....with the nuts!. He didn't raise QQ pf, and then called on an AKxxx three spade board with the Qs and hit his flush (he was getting 2-1 on his call so he didn't quite have the odds lol). He also flopped a flush when I had the nut flush draw and called 1sb on the flop, 1BB on the turn, and then just checked the river. He could have c/r'd the flop and gotten at least 1SB more, he could have c/r the turn and gotten at least 1BB more, or he could have donked the river and gotten a bet if I had any piece of the board (which was very very likely based on the play of the hand). Instead he basically flopped the nuts, gave me a super cheap look at coolering him, and then made nothing on the big streets. Now that is what I call great POKAH! He also consistently referred to it as 1 on 1 poker, and proceeded to give me a few good pieces of advice. I didn't tilt in the slightest since he was a nice guy and I didn't want to be a jerk just because he was running good. I complimented him on his good hands, while silently thanking myself that he saved me at least 10BB or so with all of his horribly passive play. If this guy had started really playing aggressive, and maximizing his value I think I could have easily lost 50BB as badly as I was running. But he played so bad that it was really easy to get away from my crap, and never lose much in the cooler hands because the guy refused put in a lot of action (I guess he figured he was trapping LOL).

It was a little frustrating because if the cards break even I could have stacked this guy in a couple of hours. Instead I go down 35BB and some drunk joins the game and starts acting like an ass so we break it up.

$700 loss is no big deal, but it is a little frustrating when you lose it like that. It really makes me want to drive back down soon and play some more and make it back, but the 1.75 hour drive is a little much to be making it too often.

grind week is back on tomorrow morning. In order to catch up to my goal I'm going to need to play at least 2.5k hands tomorrow. That is a lot of poker, so obviously we shall see how it turns out.

I'll try to post with some more thoughts on the WPT event, and include some of my pics from the final table.

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