Monday, November 12, 2007

Grind Week

Brutal day today. I busted out of a big tourney on AP with a bad suckout (two pair got beat when a calling station called my all-in with a naked flush draw and hit on the river...he wasn't getting the right price either).

Also got bluffed out of a big pot with the best hand (argggh) and ran bad at 10/20 while running good at 5/10 (arrrgggh). So overall not a great day.

But after I busted out of the tourney and got really pissed, I went and worked out for awhile. Cleared my head, and then hung out with my gf some. We watched some Scrubs, and now I'm feeling much better.

In fact so good that I've decided to declare this "Grind Week"! My goal is to play 15,000 hands this week. That is an average of 90 hands/ hour for 7 days. Assuming that I spend 30% of that time sleeping that means I need to average 127 hands an hour for the week. Attainable? Probably not. But it is a good goal to shoot for anyway. I want no more than 5k of those hands to be NL (since it is easier to multitable) since I really want to work hard at the limit tables.

so let the grind begin. update to come in 12 hours or so....

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