Wednesday, November 7, 2007

contender finale (I swear important updates coming soon)

getting read to watch the contender finale that I DVR'd earlier. I'm rooting for Bika because I think he has been one of the more watchable personalities on the show, as well as the fact that he is like a tank in the ring. The guy is ridiculously strong.

I think Coddrington probably has the edge though because he is certainly quicker and has a definite advantage in reach. For Bika to win he'll probably need to wear Coddrington down and try to score big or get a knock out in the later rounds. He didn't show outstanding stamina in the preliminary fights, but he also didn't seem too tired late in those matches.

should be exciting. I'm going to be playing for about 4 hours or so after the fight, so I'll probably update the blog again before or after that.

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