Sunday, July 28, 2013

Learning SPSS

I'm trying to learn some Stats software.  First up is SPSS.  So I'm going to use the blog to update progress along with occasional poker thoughts.

First up is how I'm getting a free two week trial, using this link:

Next up is the first tutorial I'll be using:

If you have any suggestions as to tutorials, books, blogs etc please let me know.

As for poker, I've been playing exclusively PLO for the last two months.  I have had good results for the most part.  For my first 115k hands I'm winning at about a 9bb/100 pace.  But I definitely have had some tilt issues lately, and I think I'm going to move back down a couple of stakes until I win a few BI after some frustrating losses at 1/2 and 2/4.

I also played a big sunday tournament today and unfortunately busted with only 115 players left.  I had a AJs vs K8s to get a 40bb stack and some room to work, but got outraced and was forced to shove 3bb a few times before getting caught with J3o vs TT.  Lost that one, and was out with a cash for about twice my BI.  That would have been nice if I hadn't dropped 10 BI playing cash games.  Oh well.

hope everyone is doing well.

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