Sunday, July 14, 2013

holy crap, I made a post

really enjoyed this post by Mr. Channing.  responded on 2p2 with this thought:

I'm a young professional (for almost 7 years now) who plays 99.99999% of my hands online, and I 100% agree with everything Neil said in that post. Real pros rarely talk the game at the table (frankly they usually prefer that others don't know that they're pros) and smart players engage their opponents in open and friendly conversation. Not only does it make for a more profitable game, but it makes for a more enjoyable game. Plus the guy that may not know how to balance his preflop raise/4b range might actually be super intelligent and accomplished and just plays for fun. Maybe he has some unique insight into life or business that might be valuable to you. or maybe he has a boatload of money that he wants to lose at poker if he could just find a fun table. Either way you're better off trying to be a open-minded, humble, socially engaged competitor than the type of *******s that Neil described in his post.
My guess is that most of the people that act in such a way are not, nor have ever been, true professionals. My guess is they're also probably pretty immature, and should try and figure some things out. That guy staking them to 1k donkaments may not be around forever and they might need to find a job. Probably wouldn't hurt to learn how to network.

good work Mr. Channing.

Will try to post more in the future.  Mostly playing PLO these days.  Hope everyone that occasionally clicks on this blog is doing well in life and in poker.



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